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Yo Soy Sagrada

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

A wild wombxns retreat for coming back home to Self

Friday August 20th, 2021, 3:00 PM - Monday August 23rd, 2021, 1:00 PM

Have you been feeling that something has not been entirely all there or feeling completely right as of late? We're all still healing from the reverberations of last year leading into this year, yet there's a feeling that there's something more, like maybe there is something you are waiting for but you're not entirely sure what it is? If that is YOU, know that that IS you're intuition begging you to pay attention, guiding you where you need to go. And if you're here reading this, this may or may not be what your soul is seeking but its a start to GET curious. Right now the world is experiencing a massive shift and that means its time for us to go back to our cores, reveal our truest selves and no longer hide our gifts. Revealing what truly matters to us and how that can only ever be truly found within us. I invite all souls with a womb (physical or energetic) to join me for a sacred weekend of unearthing, healing and connecting to that which we are all a part of, our Divinity. Its time to REWILD oursleves. That feeling is your inner self, your highest self, telling you, reminding you que TU ERES SAGRADA! You’re a wild wombxn on a journey of reclaiming all that is YOU. All that is wild and all that is sacred.

On this journey together we will seek to come back to ourselves by honoring ourselves, our bodies, our minds and each other while surrounded by nature. This includes starting to get curious and honest with ourselves. Bringing our bodies, minds and spirits into their highest vibrations. The entire weekend will be solely focused on nourishing and balancing our physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies through our chakras and being surrounded by like minded beautiful souls.

Chakras are subtle energy centers within our body located where we experience emotional and/or spiritual energy. Although there are many chakras, we will be focusing only on 7 of them.The word Chakra means ‘Wheel’ and is found in various contexts in ancient literature. In order to feel at your best, your chakras need to stay open and balanced. If they get blocked or unbalanced, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra in your inner and outer world. In this journey back to Self, you will learn not only about each chakra but more importantly about yourself and the tools that work best for YOU.

Each day will consist of healthy high-vibrational meals*, drinks and teas, meditations, yoga movements, journaling (journal and prompts provided), reiki and an activity correlated to the well-being of the chakra(s) we will focus on each day; beginning with the root and ending with the crown. We will also pay reverence to the full moon on Sunday, the 22nd with an offering we will make in the form of tobacco, sage, a crystal, a letter or another item whether handmade or specially made for the moon.

*please advise if you have any type of food/drink allergy in advnace.

Everything is included. All you need to bring is an open heart, a curious mind, & clothing that makes you feel comfortable and can move your body in. Bring one comfortable nice outfit for the sacred full moon ritual on Sunday, the 22nd. Keep in mind shoes are optional for this event. But just in case you don’t want to forget anything (because I know I don’t), a packing list will be sent in advance.

This retreat will be held in a beautiful, mountain location in the Pocono mountains, surrounded by a woodland forest, a peaceful little stream and a serene lake.

Our first day will have special guests: starting off with International Visual artist, @Andrea_Marceles facilitating a mini yoni clay workshop & steaming expert & founder of Sientate steams, who will facilitate a group/individual steaming. Second day will feature special guest and world renowned visual artist, @NubiaMedina, to facilitate a creative workshop where we will learn a traditional indigenous weaving technique to create our very own ‘Recuerdo Ancestral’.

A poll will be sent in advance for our wombxn-at-play activity on sunday.

There will be plenty of free, chill time to do whatever else makes your heart sing!

The home has many amenities which include: a 4 person boat, a hot tub, a sauna with specialty teas sage, lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus to use for steam, swimming, walking, a fire pit, bbq grill, game room, or just simply relax in the hammock under the trees!

Day 1:

Friday, August 20th

Theme: Introductions/Root & Sacral chakra

  • 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm: Introductions/Settling in/Open circle & intention setting

- Grounding ceremony - what are the chakras? What does the root & sacral chakra represent?

- Root Nourishing/balancing snacks, beverages will be available

  • 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm: Root chakra mini Yoni Clay workshop

  • 5:30 pm - 7 pm: Sacral nourishing group/Individual Steam (option for either) facilitated by Steam expert Julissa from @Sientatesteams / group meditation facilitated by Chopra certified meditation teacher Anneli Marceles

  • 7 pm - 9 pm: Root/Sacral Deeply nourishing Sancocho to start our weekend, along with root/sacral nourishing beverages and teas. (full menu will be available in advance - please advise well in advance of any allergies or food aversions- we will accommodate as best as possible)

  • Time to let our hair down! Dance party around the fire begins!! Red wine/drinks available.

  • 7pm - 9pm: Reiki 3 spots!

  • 10:30pm: Time to rest & restore for the next day!


Day 2:

Saturday, August 21st

Theme: Solar & Heart Chakras

Activities begin at 7am sharp!

  • 7am-8am: Morning circle - What is the solar chakra? What areas of my life does the solar chakra affect? Morning meditation/ light yoga* & reflections

  • 8am-9am: Solar nourishing breakfast/drinks

  • 9am -11am: shower/chill time** and prepare for afternoon workshop/ Reiki (3 spots)

  • 11am- 2pm: Recuerdos Ancestrales: Creative workshop with special guest & world renowned artist who will teach us a traditional indigenous weaving technique to create our own recuerdo ancestral led by our own Spirit - snacks/drinks provided

  • 2pm - 3pm: Heart chakra centered lunch and beverages; heart tonics for opening our heart will become available - Questions explored: What is the heart chakra? how does this show up as blockages or expansion in our lives?

  • 3pm - 6pm: Be fearless and play! Playtime for all; group games will include games we played as children and young adults that we forgot about. A poll will be sent out in advance!

  • 6pm-7pm: Dinner is served! beverages available

  • 7pm - 8:30pm: Sunset heart opening meditation/yoga/reflections by the lake (weather permitting)

  • 8:30pm -10:30pm: Shower, Relax, Reiki (3 spots)


Day 3

Sunday, August 22nd

Theme: Throat & Third Eye Chakras

Please be ready for the day by 7am sharp!

  • 7am - 8:30am: What is the throat chakra? Meditation/Yoga/Reflections by the lake*/Setting our full moon intentions for the evening ritual

  • 8am - 9am: Throat chakra nourishing breakfast/drinks

  • 9am - 10am: Shower/chill time!

  • 10am-1pm: Sacred voices/ voces sagradas: here we will have an opportunity to come together and share a song, a story, a poem or whatever you are called to give voice to. Whether its what you'd like to let go of with the full moon, voicing a fear, expressing whats been holding you back, or what you will no longer be allowed to continue in your life as you move forwrad to fulfill your sacred destiny. Whatever you choose to share, know it stays in our circle and you are held in reverence & validation that your voice, your story, your medicine is heard, loved and appreciated.

  • 1pm-2pm: Chill time! Feel free to enjoy the home amenities, hammock, sauna, or to just reflect on the day!

  • 2pm-3pm: Lunch & beverages is served! Third eye tonic will become available for our third eye workshop.

  • 3pm-6pm: What is the third eye? What are clairs? How to accept your gifts? Here will will do a couple of exercises to increase and strengthen our extra sensory gifts that we are all given by divine birthright. We will practice with each other as well as have a scavenger hunt for crystals in the backyard!

  • 6pm-7pm: Dinner & drinks will be served!

  • 7pm - 8pm: Feel free to watch the sunset and prepare for the evenings ritual!

  • 9pm - 11pm: Meet & mingle by the fire pit for a sacred burning ritual @10pm of our full moon intentions! Be aware some howling and dancing around the fire may or may not occur!!

  • 9pm - 10pm: Reiki (2 guests)

  • 11pm: R&R!


Day 4

Monday August 23rd

Theme: Crown chakra

Be ready for activities by 7am sharp!

  • 7am-9:00am: What is the Crown chakra? Bringing all the chakras together.

- Meditation/Yoga/Free-writing Journaling aka channeling, connecting to our highest Selves

  • 9:00am-10:00am: Breakfast will be served!

  • 10:00am - 11:30 am: Crown chakra workshop + snacks/beverages provided - A celebration of our individual divine sacredness and Queen/King/Realm-dom, featuring a flower/crystal crown making workshop!

  • 11:30am - 1:30pm: grab your goody bags, pack and say our goodbyes.

Please note the following below:

- All activities & services, food, beverages, housing and cleaning included in the price.

-*Yoga/activities by the lake are weather permitting

- Reiki appointment times will be available as first come first serve.

-Prepare in advance to arrive on Friday no later than 4pm. The home is available for arrival by 3pm. To arrive on time suggested time to leave will be 3pm.

- If anyone with a car is able to carpool please let me know in advance. Pick up and drop off locations will be set at the drivers convenience. I will do my best to get everyone a ride. $10-$20 donations pp for carpooling is suggested.

Spaces limited (1) available! To reserve your place, please send payment via zelle

Energy exchange: 
Sliding scale $555-$777 

Pricing is calculated to ensure programs are as affordable as possible to all people from all backgrounds in particular to our WOC community. Sliding scale is based on what you are able to exchange at this time. Also to ensure all participating guests, and volunteers are reimbursed for their time and expertise, as well as to cover house expenses, food and that future events like these can continue to be held. With that being said, I am opening this event to sponsorships for those with financial difficulties. Please let me know if you need a sponsorship and if it is available you will be notified OR if you feel called and are able to sponsor/ donate towards this or future events, please let me know via private message by email:

(payment plans are also available as long as full payment is made by or before

August 1st, 2021. Message me for more details.)

There are no refunds available for this investment, however because life happens, funds can be redistributed towards future events!

Due to COVID-19: Guests must adhere to PA guidelines by being tested 3 days in advance to the retreat and having a negative test result shown to the host prior to the first day of the retreat.

Please note:

There are 2 single beds and 4 double capacity (queen) beds. Please advise if you prefer to sleep in a single bed.

The following will be sent in advance of the retreat and must be read, & filled out/signed (if applicable) and sent to the host a minimum of two weeks prior to the retreat:

  • A community/house rules manual

  • An intake form for the steaming session

  • An intake form for Reiki appointments

  • A favorite pastime/playtime form

Our sovereignty is our divine birth right, lets reclaim it and OWN it!

All you’ll need to bring is your beautiful self, be ready for a deeply heart-opening, soul-filling weekend in a beautiful space with like-minded wombxn! Hope to see you soon!

Love always,


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