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Time is TBD


Via Zoom

Zodiac Wheel Power- Up Yoga Series 2022-2023

Yoga reignites the fire in your belly, it fires you up and makes you come alive again. It fosters the growth we need to be reborn, it’s stood the test of time for over a millennia for this reason and more. Reclaiming our curiosity, pushing us to grow toward the light and step out into the sunshine. 

Zodiac Wheel Power- Up Yoga Series 2022-2023
Zodiac Wheel Power- Up Yoga Series 2022-2023

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Via Zoom

About the event

Who is this class for: Everyone or anyone looking to harness their ultimate potential

When: Starting on March 20, 2022 and there on forward only on the transition day of each sign each month until February 20, 2023

Where: wherever you are on zoom after which you will receive a video to practice as many times as you feel needed that month.

Time: 6am or 12pm

Suggested donation: $44.44 per class or $444 (over 15% discount) for the astrological year (please note below if you will need a payment plan)

Each student will receive a video of the class to practice as often as you'd like between each signs' transition.

All live classes end with a balancing & healing long distance reiki session for all students.

Registration closes one full week prior to each class.

More details below:

On the astrological new year and spring equinox of 2022, we will begin a monthly series where you’ll learn how to harness the Ultimate power of each zodiac sign as we flow through the astrological wheel.

In this class we’ll kickstart the transition of each sign with specifically curated poses to heal, transform and power up the strengths of that months’ energy. This class is for everyone regardless of what your beliefs are or where your sun sign lies.

Feel free to register for the entire power up series or only take the class for the signs that you need the most empowerment from.

♈️ 3/20/22 During Aries’ we will focus on Reigniting your inner warrior.

♉️ 4/19/22 Taurus’ class will focus on Awakening our sensual passionate self

♊️ 5/20/22 Gemini’s focus will be Unifying opposing parts of ourselves

♋️ 6/21/22 Cancer’s class will be a Nourishing and healing flow

♌️ 7/22/22 During Leo szn the focus will be on Tapping into your fierceness and letting it shine through

♍️ 8/22/22 Virgo’s class will call on us to Unearth our authentic, most radiant self

♎️ 9/22/22 Libra’s focus will foster Harmony and deep inner peace

♏️ 10/17/22 Scorpio’s class will focus on Finding freedom in transformation; alchemizing and shining our light into the dark

♐️ 11/22/22 Sagittarius’ will tap into the Adventurous light hearted aspect of our Self

♑️ 12/21/22 Capricorn Szn will be a Discovery of the solution finder in all of us in order to overcome the restrictions in your life

♒️ 1/19/23 Aquarius’ will Unveil your uniqueness; your rebellious, creative self

♓️ 2/18/23 Pisces’ class will attune you with the Flow of life, opening up space to knowing and understanding ourselves and our mystical aspects

✨Be prepared to awaken to your highest, strongest, radiant self. ✨

What to expect from reiki healing?

Reiki is gentle energy healing that will be focused on sending you only the energy needed for you to feel calm, energized and inspired for your day.

Register here: Zodiac Wheel Power UP Yoga series

Follow @de_agua_y_de_espiritu for future updates.


  • Zodiac Power-Up Ticket

    +$1.10 service fee



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